Ep 5 – “The Gleaming Blade of Legends” / “Kirameku Densetsu no Ken! Shinpi no Kenshi Amakusa Shōgo” (煌めく伝説の剣! 神秘の剣士·天草翔伍)

Misao Makimachi reports to the group concerning a murder mystery in Kyoto, as it is witnessed that strange carvings are engraved on the back of a corpse of a politician. Aoshi Shinomori is approached by another politician seeking protection from a written death threat, only to refuse his request. Misao sends this letter to Okina, who deduces that it is written in either Portuguese or Dutch, and the symbol on the bottom of the letter resembles much of the carvings on the corpse. The assassin ultimately kills the politician and puts Misao in a comatose state. The group goes to Kyoto, finding out that the assassin practices the Hiten Mitsurugi-ryū battōjutsu. Kenshin visits Seijuro Hiko, who reveals that the assassin is a Christian swordsman named Shōgo Amakusa, one who is capable of defeating the Kuzu-ryūsen attack.