Ep 4 – “Kaoru, Ecstatic” / “Kaoru Kangeki Kenshin no Puropōzu!?” (薫 感激 剣心のぷろぽ〜ず!?)

Kaoru starts faintly daydreaming about being married to Kenshin on Tanabata, after Tae Sekihara explains what an engagement ring symbolizes. Kenshin is distracted with going fishing, coming back with a catfish. Kenshin takes a bite of his share of catfish and finds an engagement ring inside. Tae convinces Kenshin into giving Kaoru the ring, in which Kenshin is unbeknownst to what it symbolizes. During the time Sanosuke goes fishing, he sees a man about to commit suicide, coincidentally finding out that the engagement ring originally belonged to the man, who threw it away when he thought his girlfriend was seeing someone else. Sanosuke gets Kenshin and Yahiko to work out a way to get the ring without hurting Kaoru’s feelings. The three confess to her concerning the situation after temporarily intoxicating her. The ring is given back to the man in order for him to be engaged to his fiancée.