Ep 33 – “End of Wanderings” / “Rurō no Saihate, Hi to Ruri no Kizuna wa Shiosai no Uchi ni” (流浪の最果て·緋と瑠璃の絆は潮騒の中 (うち) に)

Kenshin and Kaoru leave on a boat to visit a graveyard. Interspersed are photographs of shrines. In exchange for dinner, Sanosuke assists Megumi with the chopping of firewood. Yahiko is currently working at the Akabeko under Tae with Tsubame. Meanwhile, Kenshin and Kaoru spend the night at a local couple’s house because of the rain. Kaoru places her hand on Kenshin’s as he sleeps, he briefly awakes and allows it. While asleep, Kaoru has dreams of Kenshin wandering off again. When she wakes early the next day, Kaoru finds Kenshin on the beach and runs into his arms just as day breaks. Kenshin gives Kaoru a seashell and the two return to Tokyo, seeing all their friends at the bridge. Also, live-action ocean stock footage.