Ep 31 – “The Enemy Awaits in Senjogahara” / “Teki wa Senjōgahara ni Ari! Hisui no Monshō o Motomete” (敵は戦場ヶ原にあり! 翡翠(ひすい)の紋章を求めて)

Kaoru has recovered from the spring water given by Kenshin and Jinpu. The two must leave for Nikko to find the jade crest hidden in the area before the Ryu Myaku gets there first. Sanosuke and Tsunan find a book that gave many useful clues but in a difficult language. They find the author to explain its contexts. Clues and hints were being pieced together and the plans of the water clan started to become clearer. Kenshin and Jinpu arrive at Nikko, only to find out that Reisui has the jade crest. Reisui traps the two in a feng shui illusion, but they manage to overcome it. Sanosuke finds Kenshin and Jinpu and explains that the Ryu Myaku has changed their direction toward Senjogahara.