Ep 30 – “Tokyo Under Martial Law” / “Kaigenrei no Tōkyō-fu! Bakushin Suru Kyōki no Ryūmyaku” (戒厳令の東京府! ばく進する凶器の龍脈)

Kaoru is severely wounded from Reisui’s attacks, Jinpu informs that she will be cured after obtaining natural spring water from Musashino. Kenshin and Jinpu head to Musashino to collect the water, Sanosuke along with Tsunan Tsukioka are to seek and destroy the relics of the shisa, and Yahiko needs to stay behind to protect Kaoru. Meanwhile, the water clan is slowly destroying the wind Eigou formation. Kenshin and Jinpu finally make it into a cave the mountains while dodging various obstacles of feng shui. Kenshin is able to collect the water and safely escorts Jinpu out of the cave before it collapses. The Ryu Myaku starts to move east of Musashino toward Nikko to follow the path of the Eigou formation.