Ep 3 – “Find the Lost Treasure!” / “Kieta Otakara o Sagase! Meitanteiken Notarō” (消えたお宝を探せ! 名探偵犬·ノ太郎)

When he finds himself under attack by a gang of masked men deemed the Kenwadan, a politician throws the key to his safe into an alleyway. The Kenwadan frantically tries to pursue a dog that had promptly picked up the key and the chase continues into a river. Sanosuke comes across the same dog the next morning while praying at the shrine for better luck at dice, carrying it back to the dojo in the care of Megumi Takani. The dog, which Sanosuke names Notaro, promptly tears the lives of the protagonists apart, eating their food, stealing and burying their possessions, and generally making a nuisance of himself. Unfortunately, since Sanosuke distributes flyers indicating a found dog, it does not take the Kenwadan long to track Notaro down. While Kenshin and Yahiko is informed by the police about the situation involving the Kenwadan, Sanosuke encounters and defeats the Kenwadan in a nearby forest.