Ep 27 – “To My Angel Misao” / “Mai Enjeru Misao e… Kyōto kara no Mukae” (まいえんじぇる操へ… 京都からの迎え)

After Misao trains with Yahiko in the dojo, she decides to leave her leave. Aoshi Shinomori arrives to escort her back to Kyoto, but she ends up changing her mind. Kaoru and Misao, along with Megumi Takani, go out to shop. Sanosuke and Yahiko become suspicious, believing that the three are going to a restaurant without them, urging them to tag along. Meanwhile at the dojo, Kenshin and Aoshi spend time with each other. The girls run into Tae, along with Tsubame Sanjō at a restaurant. The girls later encounter a pickpocket who steals Tae and Tsubame’s money. Misao easily defeats him and returns back the money. Kenshin talks to Aoshi regarding his relationship with Misao. The pickpocket comes back with the rest of his gang, but the girls facilely overpower them. Sanosuke and Yahiko are mistaken as criminals responsible for beating up the gang members. Kenshin and Aoishi meet the girls near the riverbank, in which Sanosuke and Yahiko finally catch up to the others.