Ep 24 – “A Heatwave from Beneath the Earth” / “Chitei o Mau Akai Kagerō! Sakki! Sanada Sanninshū” (地底を舞う赤い陽炎· 殺鬼!真田三人衆)

Misanagi and the Black Knights enter the pathway and begin to move toward the divine elixir. Meanwhile, the group is surround by sulfur and phosphorus at the bottom of the abyss. Sanosuke must punch through the wall to force a current of water to flow through, allowing the group to escape. Outside the cave, they find Kaita, one of the Sanada Ninjas, who is severe injured. Yutaro is able to treat his wounds. Kaita later helps by showing them a tunnel that will lead them back to the pathway inside the cave. The group is soon interfered by Zan and Ren, two of the elite members of the Sanada Ninjas.