Ep 23 – “A Straying Journey” / “Meisō no Tabi, Shikumareta Omiwatari no Wana!” (迷走の旅· 仕組まれた御神渡りの罠!)

While the group travels through the forest, Yahiko becomes dehydrated. A hunter passes by and brought Yahiko into his dwelling to treat him with herbal tea. The hunter tells the group that the divine elixir may be found at a lake deep into the mountains. After the lake parts, the group finally figures out that the divine elixir is hidden inside a dark cave on the other side of a crossing. They encounter many obstacles within the cave. Yutaro uses the rock to place on an altar, igniting the cave. However, Misanagi, the leader of the Sanada Ninjas, appears and tells the group that the pathway will lead to the bottom of the abyss, in which the floor collapses as they descend toward the base of the cave.