Ep 21 – “Yutaro Returns” / “Yutarō Kikoku, Kage ni Hisomu Kurokishidan no Yabō” (由太郎帰国· 影に潜む黒騎士団の野望)

Yutaro Tsukayama returns to the dojo with Professor Hans, having a reunion with the group. Meanwhile, the Black Knights are after Professor Hans and want something from him. The group goes to the Akabeko to celebrate Yutaro’s return. Kenshin stays behind after everyone else leaves. The Black Knights attack Professor Hans, taking a map from his possession. They retreat soon after Kenshin steps in to fight. While he was brought back to be treated, Professor Hans tells Yutaro that he has left his notebook and a rock under the porch of the dojo as a clue of the whereabouts of a divine elixir.