Ep 20 – “Kaishu-Katsu’s Determination” / “Katsu Kaishū no Ketsui, Jidai o Koeta Shinjitsu” (勝海舟の決意· 時代を超えた真実)

After Daigoro was just stabbed, Kenshin steps forward to fight the leader while the others take care of the rest. The leader is defeated and shortly the police arrives and arrests the Beni Aoi. Kaishu catches Tetsuma red-handed for searching for a map to the hidden money. Tetsuma tries to reason with Kaishu, only to resort to violence. Kenshin intervenes and fights Tetsuma, sword to sword. However, a desperate Tetsuma then uses a gun. Daigoro manages to convince him to cease of his wrongdoings, in which Tetsuma turns himself in for repentance.