Ep 19 – “Conspiracy of the Beniaoi” / “Beniaoi no Sakubō, Kaishū o Nerau Bakumatsu no Ikiryō!” (紅葵の策謀· 海舟を狙う幕末の生霊!)

Kenshin pays Kaishu a visit, finding out that he was hiding a sum of money from the government, and that the Beni Aoi is in search of it. Kaishu is informed to arrive at a temple late at night, and his daughter will not be harmed if he chooses to cooperate. Kenshin was told not to come, but he involves everyone else including Daigoro. They arrived at the temple before Kaishu. Daigoro sees Itsuko as he sees her attempting to escape but trips to the ground. Daigoro charged forward and was stabbed.