Ep 18 – “The Unending Revolution” / “Owaranai Bakumatsu, Kaishū ni Kaserareta Tenmei” (終わらない幕末· 海舟に課せられた天命)

When Kenshin prepares to depart, the group of assassins return, revealing themselves as the Beni Aoi, of which Kenshin has no knowledge of their group. He comes back to the Kamiya dojo to tell the others that Daigoro and Itsuko can continue to stay, although it is hinted that Kaishu misses both of them. It is revealed that Kaishu was accused of giving financial aid to an army for a war during the Edo period. Itsuko goes out to buy some ingredients for the dinner recipe, yet Kaoru causes the dinner to inflame. The Beni Aoi follows Itsuko and kidnaps her. Kenshin later finds Itsuko’s hairpin on the ground outside, and Kaishu receives a letter stating the abduction.