Ep 17 – “Kaishu-Katsu and Kenshin” / “Katsu Kaishū to Kenshin, Bakumatsu o Ikita Futari no Shukuen” (勝海舟と剣心· 幕末を生きた二人の宿縁)

A man named Daigoro is talking about people being able to go to the moon, but he receives sarcastic remarks from others. As he leaves with his teacher named Kaishu Katsu, the two are soon ambushed by unknown assassins. The group manages to protect them, until another student named Tetsuma appears and frightens them away. Kaishu exiles Daigoro from the Katsu dojo due to poor swordsmanship, in which Kaoru vows to teach him the skills and techniques of the sword. Kaishu’s daughter, named Itsuko, as well as Tetsuma, goes to the Kamita dojo, trying to bring Daigoro back. Daigoro refuses to leave, and Itsuko later decides to reside at the dojo. Kenshin leaves to tell Kaishu that his daughter is staying at the Kamiya dojo.