Ep 16 – “Crush!” / “Gagakusei no Omou Hito, Hakone Yu no Machi Koi Sōdō” (画学生の想う女性(ひと)· 箱根湯の街恋騒動!)

The group walks through the forest and ends up eating at a resort. However, Kenshin realizes he has lost Kaoru’s travelling money. Unable to pay the check, the group offers to work off the money. Later that night, Kaoru and Misao go into the hot springs, but they spot an artist and mistake him for a voyeur. They realize he is an artist seeking inspiration, and the artist begs Kaoru to be his model for his next painting due to her beauty. Unaware that she is already in love with Kenshin, the artist falls in love with Kaoru. Misao and Sanosuke tell the artist that if he can hit Kenshin, Sanosuke will try to bring the artist and Kaoru together. No matter how hard the artist tries he cannot hit Kenshin. After seeing that Kaoru’s love for Kenshin is the source of the beauty, the artist gets his inspiration and draws a portrait of Kaoru. As Kaoru shows the others the drawing, they run away in laughter due to the drawing’s abstract nature.