Ep 14 – “Bon Voyage” / “Tabidachi no Umi, Kibō wa Kanashimi no Nami o Koete” (旅立ちの海 希望は哀しみの波を越えて)

Kenshin visits Sir Elsten to find out what will happen to the believers and so on. Sir Elsten is waiting for the decision of the government, should it arrive shortly. An official arrives and tells them that the believers can no longer stay in Japan. This enlightens a thankful Sir Elsten, deciding that the believers can come to Holland. Meanwhile, Sanosuke gives Kaoru a letter and a package concealing Lady Magdalia’s medallion, and she goes to see Shōgo for a brief period. Sanosuke goes to Lady Magdalia’s tombstone and reminisces of his time with her. An angry Shōzo appears to Sanosuke, disappointed having lost Lady Magdalia. He explains how he feels guilty for taking Kaiou’s life. Shōgo later goes to the tombstone, reading the letter that Lady Magdalia wrote, as he makes his way toward Holland.