Ep 13 – “The Last Crusade” / “Saigo no Seisen, Gekitotsu! Futatsu no Amakakeru Ryū no Hirameki” (最後の聖戦 激突!ふたつの天翔龍閃(あまかけるりゅうのひらめき))

Sir Elsten arrives to the military base to stop the attack, when Misao was there saying that Kenshin is negotiating with Shōgo. Kenshin would be given one hour to convince Shōgo to surrender, before the military becomes involved. Misao informs Sir Elsten that she will send a smoke signal at the peak of the holy hill, indicating a successful negotiation. As the duel begins, Kenshin empathizes with Shōgo, understanding how he feels. They both eventually use the Amakakeru Ryū no Hirameki attack, in which Shōgo is defeated in the end. Kenshin regains his sight, and Misao sends the smoke signal, ending the war and announcing Shōgo’s surrender.