Ep 12 – “Sanosuke’s Tears” / “Sanosuke no Namida, Futari ni Otozureta Towa no Wakare” (左之助の涙 二人に訪れた永遠(とわ)の別離(わかれ))

The army has prepared themselves to fight Shōgo and his Christian martyrs. Sanosuke continued to try and bring Lady Magdalia to Sir Elsten. After achieving many obstacles, Sanosuke manages to luckily encounter Sir Elsten with Santo. However, Santo attempts to shoot Sir Elsten for interfering with Kaiou’s goals, in which Lady Magdalia jumps in and takes the bullet. Sanosuke pummels Santo to the ground and returns Lady Magdalia’s medallion back to her, thereafter of which she passes away. Sir Elsten hurries to get to the holy hill to stop the war. Meanwhile, Kenshin finally arrives and tries to stop the fight, finding Shōgo there and tells him he will be fought if the children would be forced to sacrifice themselves.