Ep 11 – “The Sneering Demon” / “Azawarau Akki! Shōzō, Bakuen ni Chitta Karyū” (あざ笑う悪鬼! 庄三, 爆炎に散った火龍)

Kenshin is caught in a noose by one of Kaiou’s underlings, yet Kenshin is quickly able to defeat him. Meanwhile, Shōzo is left buried under a boulder, and it is up to Sanosuke and Lady Magdalia to help free him, to allow him to report this incident to Shōgo. Sanosuke is to fight another one of Kaiou’s underlings, and Sanosuke is easily able to knock him unconscious. However, Lady Magdalia has hyperventilated due to her illness. Kenshin, Kaoru, Yahiko, and Misao arrives accompany the two out of the cave. After Kenshin figures out that Lady Magdalia has tuberculosis, Sanosuke scurries over to find Sir Elsten, for him to treat Lady Magdalia and for him to know about the formation of the army. Shōzo later overhears what Kaiou is plotting, trying to fight him but was defeated, and as a last resort Shōzo threw some pipe bombs given by Sanosuke, thereby killing Kaiou.