Ep 34 – “Kyoto, the Engraved Memory” / “Kyōto… Kizamareta Kioku, Omoi o Haseta Shuppatsu” (京都…刻まれた記憶· 想いを馳せた出発)

Yahiko visits Mount Hiei, and Sanosuke shows him where that battle with Shishio took place. Meanwhile, Kenshin visits an unknown woman’s grave, and places flowers by it. Also at this time, Megumi explains to Kaoru the severity of Kenshin’s wounds, and that it is important to keep him from doing anything that dangerous again. Finally, the group gets on the train to Tokyo, with Misao waving to them and telling them to visit again. After the train departs Saito is seen saying that he and Kenshin will meet again one day and settle the score that they have. When the gang reaches the road to the dojo, Kaoru extends her hand and welcomes Kenshin home.