Ep 33 – “The Man Who is Chosen for Victory” / “Shōri o Yurusareshi Mono: Shishio Tai Kenshin Shūmaku!” (勝利を許されし者· 志々雄対剣心終幕!)

Shishio gets ready to use the Kaguzuchi attack, the final of his Secret Sword technique, to counter Kenshin’s move. This result in a void between the two attacks, which temporarily immobilized Shishio, enabling Kenshin to strike Shishio with an immensely strong consecutive hit. Even after miraculously standing back up, Shishio’s blood starts evaporating and he begins screaming in pain, since he has fought far longer than fifteen minutes. However, Shishio sets his sights on Kenshin and Yumi, impaling them both, even after Yumi tries to stop Kenshin from killing Shishio. Yumi dies happily, knowing she did something useful for once. As the battle continues, the battle is once again at a standstill. However, Shishio is killed by spontaneous combustion. Hōji, refusing to accept Shishio’s defeat, maniacally attempts to destroy the Inferno Arena to kill Kenshin, Sanosuke, Saito, and Aoshi.