Ep 30 – “Two Men at the End of an Era” / “Bakumatsu o Kaketa Futari: Shishio Tai Kenshin Saishūsen!” (幕末を駆けた二人· 志々雄対剣心 最終戦!)

Yumi guides Kenshin and Sanosuke to the top of the Inferno Arena. Kenshin thinks about his past, and what awaits him next, the entire way up to where Shishio himself is waiting, with Hōji at his side. Shishio promises that the battle will end in fifteen minutes, giving Yumi a kiss as he walks off. Thus, the fight between the two manslayers begins. Shishio shows off the Homura Dama attack, the first of his Secret Sword technique. He then bites a chunk off of Kenshin’s shoulder.