Ep 3 – “A Devil of Vengeance: Makoto Shishio’s Plot” / “Fukushū no Akki: Shishio Makoto no Bōryaku” (復讐の悪鬼 志々雄真実(まこと)の謀略)

Kenshin continues his battle against Saito after being stabbed. Kaoru Kamiya is frightened to see that Kenshin’s alter ego begins to emerge, as she starts to lose hope in ever seeing his gentle side again. However, one of Saito’s superiors appears and stops the fight just as it is reaching a climax, in which Kenshin returns to normal after punching himself in the face. Toshimichi Okubo explains to Kenshin that Makoto Shishio, the man who took over Kenshin’s position as the Shadow Hitokiri for the Ishinshishi, survived being burned alive and has begun gathering an army to overthrow the government. Kenshin is to comply in defeating Shishio. He is given a deadline to come to a decision and threatened that if he should decline Megumi Takani could be charged for opium manufacture.