Ep 27 – “Hiten versus Shukuchi” / “Hiten Tai Shukuchi! Sōjirō Tenpu no Chikara” (飛天対縮地! 宗次郎天賦の能力(ちから))

Kenshin and Sojiro have their second duel, since the one in Shingetsu Village was never finished. Sojiro shows Kenshin his shukuchi technique, one that uses powerful legwork to bring him close to his opponent in an instant. Kenshin manages to get himself pretty wounded in the fight, and Sojiro hasn’t even gotten hit once. He even dodges the Kuzu-ryūsen attack, ironically supposed to be an inescapable attack. Sojiro recalls about Kenshin showing mercy to Senkaku during their battle at Shingetsu Village, which poses as a distraction to Sojiro. This then urges Sojiro to take an intermission from the battle after breaking the strap of one of his shoes.