Ep 24 – “Wake Up Now! Ignore Your Wounds and Fight to the Finish” / “Mezameru Toki wa Ima: Manshin Sōi no Ketchaku!” (目醒める時は今· 満身創痍の決着!)

As the duel between Kenshin and Aoshi continues, Kenshin is being attacked by Aoshi, trying to scold him for who he ought to be. Kenshin is determined to return Aoshi to an affectionate man, allowing him to bring Aoshi back Misao, thus attempting keep both promises he made to each of them. Aoshi finally realizes his wrongdoings, as Kenshin and Aoshi ends the match using their final attacks on each other. After emerging victorious, Kenshin and Sanosuke advance to the next battle.