Ep 23 – “The Promised Time Has Come: Aoshi and Kenshin Fight Again” / “Yakusoku o Hatasu Toki: Aoshi to Kenshin no Saisen!” (約束を果たす時· 蒼紫と剣心の再戦!)

Kenshin senses something coming from the room of Hōji Sadojima, that being the presence of Aoshi. He enters the room, and is determined to keep his promise to Aoshi, and to Misao, by fighting and bringing back Aoshi to the inn. Upon entering the room, Aoshi greets him, and he says that he has thrown everything away, including his four comrades, just for the moment of the duel with him and Kenshin. Aoshi is determined to win the fight and kill the manslayer, to claim the title of the strongest.