Ep 22 – “The Wolf Destroys the Eye of the Heart: The Fierce Attack of the Zero Stance Gatotsu” / “Shingan o Toraeta Ōkami: Sakuretsu Suru Gatotsu Zero Shiki!” (心眼をとらえた狼· 炸裂する牙突零(ゼロ)式!)

Usui confronts Saito while the others continue on through Shishio’s manshion. Usui’s claim to his heart’s eye is put to the test by Saito, who observes that it is simply super enhanced hearing adopted by Usui to make up for his lack of sight. Saito realizes that Usui is in fact weak since his desire for revenge against Shishio has driven him to become a mere pawn in Shishio’s game. An enraged Usui wounds Saito using the timbe, a tortoise-shell shield, and blocks his vision. However, Usui is no match for Saito’s Zeroshiki attack, a move Saito had been saving for a fight against Kenshin.