Ep 15 – “The Formation of an Alliance: The Day When Aoshi Joins with Shishio” / “Dōmei Seiritsu: Aoshi ga Shishio to Te o Kunda Hi!” (同盟成立· 蒼紫が志々雄と手を組んだ日!)

Misao is in denial after hearing of the deaths of four other members of the Oniwabanshū, and feels despair as she recalls her country-wide search for Aoshi, which ended without success. Meanwhile, Aoshi sends a letter to Okina and they meet in a market, where the latter will not allow the former to continue as the leader of the Oniwabanshū, due to his demonic desire to kill Kenshin. Sojiro and several other members of the Ten Swords meet Aoshi and convince him to join them, as they share the goal of destroying Kenshin. After Okina mysteriously leaves with his shinobi uniform, Misao realizes that the two will have a confrontation at the temple and runs to stop it, but proves to be too late as Okina falls to Aoshi’s Kaiten Kenbu Rokuren attack, and is told by Aoshi that the next time they meet he will kill her.