Ep 14 – “The Ultimate Technique of the Hiten-Mitsurugi Style: Reunion with a Mentor, Seijuro Hiko” / “Hiten Mitsurugiryū no Ōgi! Shishō Hiko Seijūrō to no Saikai” (飛天御剣流の奥義! 師匠比古清十郎との再会)

Kenshin finds his master Seijūrō Hiko living as a potter near Kyoto, but Hiko is initially unwilling to take Kenshin back due to his walking out to join the revolution. Yahiko and Kaoru meet Misao in Kyoto after learning that she saw Kenshin leaving, and later leads the grateful pair to him after they meet Okina at an inn disguised as the headquarters of the Oniwabanshū. Kenshin seems initially upset at the sight of Kaoru, but later replies he is only half of him is angry. They leave Kenshin to train, and on the way Misao’s affiliation with the Oniwabanshū is revealed as well as the fact that she does not know of the fate of Aoshi’s group in Edo.