Ep 12 – “The Creator of the Reverse-Blade Sword: Shakku Arai’s Final Swing” / “Sakabatō o Tsukutta Otoko – Arai Shakkū Saigo no Hito Furi!” (逆刃刀を作った男· 新井赤空 最後の一振り!)

Kenshin and Misao make it to Kyoto. There, they meet Nenji Kashiwazaki, code-named Okina, of the Oniwabanshū. Okina knows Kenshin is the legendary Battousai the Manslayer the moment he lays eyes on him. Kenshin goes to see Sekku Arai, who is the son of Shakku Arai, the one who forged the reverse blade sword, in order to replace the broken sword. Sekku refuses, saying that this is a time of peace, and that the samurai have all thrown their swords away. Later, a man by the name of Chō Sawagejō, known as the Sword Hunter of the Ten Swords, abducts Iori, the baby son of Sekku. Kenshin demands that Chō release Iori.