Ep 11 – “Sanosuke’s Secret Training: The Challenge of Anji the Destroyer” / “Sanosuke, Gokui no Shugyō! Hakaisō – Anji e no Chōsen” (左之助, 極意の修行! 破戒僧·安慈への挑戦)

Sanosuke gets lost in a forest. He finds a monk there that goes by the name of Anji Yūkyūzan, who gives him some food. Sanosuke ends up convincing Anji to teach him how to use a destructive punching technique called the Futae no Kiwami attack, capable of completely pulverize huge boulders into dust. Anji gives Sanosuke one week to learn the technique, lest he be killed. After learning it, Sanosuke leaves for Kyoto.