Ep 2 – “Kid Samurai: A Big Ordeal and a New Student” / “Gakizamurai Sutta! Monda! de Monkasei” (ガキ侍 スッた!モンだ!で門下生)

After nearly being victimized in pickpocketing by a young street urchin Yahiko Myojin, Kenshin takes sympathy on the boy who declares himself to be from a samurai family. After his mother’s death, Yahiko has been forced into working for the yakuza to pay off his deceased mother’s debt. Kaoru goes to rescue the boy but finds herself in a perilous situation until Kenshin appears and defeats the yakuza single-handedly. Kaoru then takes Yahiko as her student at Kenshin’s prompting despite the reluctance of both of them.