Ep 7 – “MHz” / “MHz” (MHz)

After Taeko is attacked while both Tsukiko and Kozuka have alibis, Maniwa considers the possibility of another Lil’ Slugger existing and looks for connections between the victims in an attempt to pinpoint who will be next. Kozuka continues to protest that he is a holy warrior, Ikari angrily telling him the first attack was a sham and that he “jumped on a bandwagon”. Kozuka admits he only attacked Ushiyama and Hirukawa. Maniwa gets more deeply involved as he finds nearly all the victims felt cornered and pressured by their lives, and each one seemed relieved after being attacked. Maniwa thinks it odd that Ushiyama was the only victim without any worries. Ikari advises Maniwa to take some time off. Then Kozuka is found dead in his cell, followed by the appearance of another Lil’ Slugger who mysteriously escapes through the police station’s walls.