Ep 6 – “Fear of a Direct Hit” / “Chokugeki no fuan” (直撃の不安)

Ikari and Maniwa question the old lady who saw the incident with Tsukiko and find out what happened that night. After Ikari, frustrated at the woman’s vagueness, yells at her, she admits there was no one there but Tsukiko at the time of her supposed attack. The detectives question Tsukiko and confront her with evidence of the truth: a bent pipe found near the scene which she used on herself. At these words, Tsukiko faints. Meanwhile, Taeko, a runaway teenager, wanders through the stormy city wanting to forget about her past. Her father, who she adored, is policeman Masami Hirukawa. Her family had just moved in to the house he built for them when she discovered a file in the computer’s recycle bin. It turns out to be security camera photos of her undressing. Horrified, she smashes furniture and finds a camera hidden behind a bookshelf. As she reaches the brink of despair in the storm, Lil’ Slugger knocks her out. She wakes up in the hospital with her father at her side, who she asks “who are you?”