Ep 3 – “Double Lips” / “Daburu Rippu” (ダブルリップ)

Harumi Chouno, a woman with dissociative identity disorder attempts to defy her prostitute alter ego, Maria. Her two personalities leave answering machine messages for each other. Harumi becomes increasingly desperate when a colleague at Jiai University, where she works as a research assistant, proposes marriage. She accepts, but is terrified of Maria’s existence being found out. She attempts to throw Maria’s “work” clothes away, but her personality shifts to that of Maria just as she arrives at the dump and takes them all back. Her psychiatrist insists she must tell her fiancé. Harumi is also Yuuichi’s tutor, and while visiting him in the hospital, he remarks that she needs a doctor more than him. Eventually her personalities start to fight with each other (in reality, Harumi is pulling at her own hair in the street outside at night) when Lil’ Slugger strikes her.