Ep 11 – “No Entry” / “Shinnyū kinshi” (進入禁止)

Misae Ikari, wife of Ikari the detective, confronts Lil’ Slugger when he comes for her about what humans really are and tells him about the problems he’s caused. She had to turn down a life-saving medical treatment that her husband, now a security guard, can’t afford. She tells Lil’ Slugger how her life changed when she met Ikari, how supportive he was even though she couldn’t have children. Over time, she grew fearful that his devotion to his work was an excuse to avoid her. Lil’ Slugger grows to a huge form when she talks about her despair, but shrinks back down again every time she dismisses these thoughts as unreasonable. He grows larger again when she tells him how much he has ruined their lives, and he cackles as he prepares to strike her. She is afraid at first, but then breaks into laughter just as Lil’ Slugger is about to swing his bat. Frustrated, he hits her, but Misae carries on, calmly saying “we have made a new beginning”. She informs him that humans are not as weak as he thinks they are – they are strong enough to face reality and don’t need a fantasy world for escape. Upon hearing this, Lil’ Slugger screams and promptly vanishes along with everything around him. Meanwhile, former police detective Ikari is just finishing one shift as a construction worker and goes immediately to his security job at another site without returning home. While at his post, he strikes up a conversation with one of his coworkers, and is shocked to learn that the man is actually the first person he arrested as a cop. The man is now old, but still serving as an honest member of society. During the extensive conversation that ensues, Ikari reveals how he always wanted to be an old-fashioned cop catching simple burglars, not psychological criminals. He is then transported to a fantasy world like the one he wished for. Maniwa turns up looking for Ikari, and his wife is in despair: “he won’t come home.”