Ep 10 – “Mellow Maromi” / “Maromi Madoromi” (マロミまどろみ)

The production staff of “Mellow Maromi”, an anime based on the famous character designed by Tsukiko, all have difficulties meeting the deadline. Production coordinator Naoyuki Saruta, frequently the cause of everyone’s difficulties, is fighting traffic to deliver the first episode of the show to the broadcasting network. Throughout the episode, he nods off, and when he awakens he frequently sees Lil’ Slugger pursuing him, only to disappear. His dreams recount the production of the series, and the gradual murder of the entire production crew. Eventually, Lil’ Slugger appears in the car, and Saruta’s beaten corpse is found in front of the TV network’s building. As the network grabs the tape from his hand and rushes it in to air, Maromi is heard saying ‘take a rest’ over and over again.