Ep 9 – “A Challenge from Lobelia Girls’ Academy!” / “Roberia Jogakuin no Chōsen” (ロベリア女学院の挑戦)

Benio “Benibara” Amakusa, head of the Zuka Club at St. Lobelia Girls’ Academy, chances upon Haruhi and, instantly realising that she is a girl, tries to convince her to join her school and her club. Along with two of her clubmates, they disparage the Host Club and men in numerous ways, revealing their lesbian natures and belief in female superiority. Tamaki’s half-Japanese/half-French background is revealed and Haruhi learns that one of her personal belongings was auctioned off on the Host Club’s online auction site and angrily leaves the club for the day. Convinced that Haruhi might be upset enough to transfer to St. Lobelia, the boys dress up as girls to show Haruhi that she can be around boys and girls at the same time if she remains at Ouran. Haruhi finds this hilarious, but shares that she came to Ouran Academy for a specific reason and never planned on leaving. The Zuka Club girls leave but refuse to give up, warning the club that they will be back for Haruhi.