Ep 8 – “The Sun, the Sea, and the Host Club!” / “Taiyō to Umi to Hosuto-bu” (太陽と海とホスト部)

The Host Club, along with some of their customers, visits a beach in Okinawa upon Haruhi’s request. Hikaru and Kaoru devise a game to find out what Haruhi is afraid of. Kyoya hypes up the competition between Tamaki and the twins by offering up photos of Haruhi in middle school, refusing to explain where he got them. In turn, the hosts attempt to scare Haruhi, unsuccessfully. Meanwhile, Haruhi confronts two drunken thugs who threaten some of the girls and she’s tossed from a cliff into the ocean. Tamaki rescues, then rebukes Haruhi for being so reckless, causing them to angrily avoid each other for the remainder of the day. Seeing that Haruhi doesn’t understand verbal messages, Kyoya threatens to molest Haruhi to demonstrate how physically vulnerable she actually is and is successful in having her realize what everyone was worried about. Tamaki wins the competition discreetly in the end, finding out she has Astraphobia, the fear of thunder and lightning, when he sees Haruhi hide inside a wardrobe during a thunderstorm. The rest of the Host Club walks in just in time to see Tamaki covering Haruhi’s ears and eyes to help deal with the phobia and accuse him of trying to trick Haruhi into an S&M situation. Tamaki is devastated Haruhi now thinks he is a pervert.