Ep 6 – “The Grade School Host is the Naughty Type!” / “Shōgakusei Hosuto wa Yancha-kei” (小学生ホストはやんちゃ系)

An elementary school brat, Shiro Takaoji, seeks help from the Host Club to win the hearts of girls. Renge helps develop a role for him, being a shota of the naughty type. However, Shiro denounces the whole club as idiots and runs away. The Host Club infiltrates his elementary school, disguising Haruhi as a middle-school student and Honey as an elementary-school student. They discover that Shiro has a crush on a girl called Hina who will soon be moving away and that she and Shiro were supposed to play a piano piece together, though Shiro is woefully unprepared, having spent most of his time watching her with adoration while she played alone. Tamaki brings Shiro back to Music Room 3 and sets up a training schedule, revealing that he himself is a gifted pianist. The Host Club ends up hosting a command performance which allows Shiro and Hina to have a small concert in the Host Club lounge.