Ep 18 – “Chika’s “Down with Honey” Declaration!” / “Chika-kun no Hanī Datō Sengen” (チカ君のハニー打倒宣言)

Honey has a younger brother named Yasuchika “Chika” Haninozuka. Chika is known to hold a grudge against Honey because of Honey’s loli-shota lifestyle. Whenever they meet, family tradition demands a martial arts duel and, typically, Honey wins. Chika demands that Honey steer clear of him at school. After he leaves, Haruhi learns how Honey quit being the Captain of the Ouran Karate Club in order to join the Host Club. Tamaki insists that they help the brothers reunite and so, they go to the dojo where Chika is now Captain of the Karate Club. Chika confronts them outside and calls his brother an “alien” because Honey eats three whole cakes for dessert every night and holds a weekly midnight cakefest; this, without ever gaining weight. Honey apologizes to Chika for causing so much pain and suffering for him, but won’t give up being true to himself. To settle the score, Honey and Chika have a martial arts duel, the stakes being that if Honey loses he will give up his weekly midnight cakefest. Mori is confident Honey will throw the fight for his brother but is devastated when Honey beats his brother soundly. In the end, Honey considers Haruhi’s opinion that if he loves cake more than his brother, he’s really a terrible person; and also Tamaki’s opinion that true strength means being true to yourself. Honey’s response is to hug Usa-chan tightly saying, “I love you.”