Ep 19 – “Introjection” / “Otoko no tatakai (A Man’s Battle)” (男の戰い)

Shinji, horrified and emotionally devastated by the battle between Unit 01 and Bardiel and witnessing Toji’s near-death, as well as Gendo’s indifference to the situation, quits NERV for a second time. However, as he is leaving Tokyo-3, the Angel Zeruel appears and easily defeats the other Evangelions. After speaking with Kaji, Shinji returns to NERV just before the Angel penetrates NERV headquarters and engages the Angel in Unit 01. The Angel succeeds in overpowering Unit 01 as its batteries expire and blasts away the Evangelion’s chest armor, revealing a core identical to those of the Angels. As the Angel attacks Unit 01’s core, Shinji pleads with the Evangelion to start working again. Unit 01 goes “berserk”, re-engages and defeats the Angel, and then tears apart and eats the Angel’s corpse, absorbing its S² engine in the process.