Ep 13 – “Lilliputian Hitcher” / “Shito, shinnyū (Angel Invasion)” (使徒、侵入)

The pilots are undergoing a synchronization test directed by Ritsuko deep within NERV headquarters when a new Angel, Iruel, appears within the base itself, being initially mistaken for corrosion. This Angel is actually a collection of millions of microscopic organisms, which interact to create a living biological computer circuit. Iruel infects NERV’s computer network, and then infiltrates two of the three Magi supercomputers that control the base before Ritsuko is able to set up a firewall to slow its advance. Ritsuko comes up with a scheme to use the Angel’s rapid adaptive ability against it and force it to evolve into a benign state, but must race to implement the program before the Angel gains control of the base’s self destruct.