Ep 9 – “Round-Table Meeting” (Round Table Conference) / “Entaku Kaigi” (円卓会議)

The Round Table conference begins and Shiroe opens with his intention to improve the city’s living state. This quickly prompts disinterest and departure from Silver Sword’s guild master—William Massachusetts. Unperturbed, Shiroe continues his explanation of the conference’s formation. Elsewhere, as the Hamelin captives prepare for escape, Shiroe mentions the item extortion campaign and Susukino’s dire state, with Black Sword Knights’ guild master—Isaac arguing the lack of laws in the world. D.D.D.’s guild master—Krusty asks of a guild’s fate should they refuse laws, to which Shiroe proposes harsh sanctioning. However, Honesty’s guild master—Eins along with Isaac and Krusty argue over the conference’s flaw should they refuse to cooperate, with Isaac even threatening war. Shiroe then plays his trump card and reveals his acquisition of the Guild Building using the five million gold and counter blackmails the guilds over his absolute control of their affairs. Meanwhile, as the captives manage to escape the Hamelin Hall, Minori and Tohya are unfortunately captured by Schreider. However Shiroe’s control of the Guild Building along with help from his friends, successfully blacklists all of Hamelin’s members. Finally, as Shiroe makes one last pitch to the conference, Isaac demands his plan.