Ep 6 – “Resolve” / “Ketsui” (決意)

The Crescent Moon Alliance throws a party to commemorate Serara’s return and decide to keep Nyanta’s cooking methods a secret from the rest of the city. Afterwards Maryelle explains that an unnatural uneasiness befell the citizens during Shiroe’s absence whereby a social divide was established between the strong and weak guilds. Maryelle also outlines that since the player level-limit was raised to 100 following the Novasphere Pioneers update, the guilds have been leveling up using items obtained from the Hamelin guild who had been recruiting low-level players for the sole purpose of creating a monopoly on their exclusive items. Following this news, Shiroe later ponders on all of his self-imposed limitations but Nyanta helps him realize that he had been using them as an excuse to purposefully blind himself from the reality of Akihabara’s true state—despite his friends remaining by his side. Afterwards, Shiroe calls Minori and learns what he can of their situation before promising to save them. Filled with new resolve the next day, Shiroe asks the Crescent Moon Alliance to help in ending Hamelin’s plot and restoring Akihabara’s sense of goodwill with his newly formed guild—Log Horizon.