Ep 5 – “Return to Akiba” (Return to Akihabara) / “Akiba e no Kikan” (アキバへの帰還)

After successfully escaping from Susukino, Shiroe and co. take a break to set up camp. Nyanta uses the opportunity to brandish his cooking prowess by explaining that only those with the chef sub-class are able to manually prepare food with flavor. Afterwards, Nyanta, Shiroe and Naotsugu explain their history as part of the legendary adventuring group—Debauchery Tea Party, which causes Akatsuki to lament her own abilities. As their journey back to Akihabara continues, Shiroe reminisces about his time spent mentoring two beginners—Tohya and Minori, and recalls having glimpsed them joining a guild back in Akihabara. The next day, a sudden thunderstorm forces the party to seek shelter in a nearby farming village where they meet a Lander named Fedor. After interacting with Fedor and his grandchildren, Shiroe notes that the native inhabitants of the Elder Tales world have more human characteristics than given credit for and that the adventurers are in fact, the anomalies of the world. Elsewhere, Tohya and Minori along with other beginners find themselves taken advantage of by the guild who coaxed them into joining. Finally, as Tohya and the rest of his guild set out the next day, he happily notices Shiroe and co. safely back in Akihabara, but hesitates to meet him.