Ep 3 – “Palm’s Deep End” (The Depths of Palm) / “Parumu no Fukaki Basho” (パルムの深き場所)

While on their way to Susukino, Shiroe and co. surprise Maryelle at the tremendous progress they have made when they reach a dungeon known as the Depths of Palm. Meanwhile, Serara seems to be doing fine in the care of a cat-player called Nyanta after he saved her from her pursuers. While they wonder about the people Maryelle sent, the Brigandia guild continue looting and pillaging the district. Meanwhile, Maryelle begins a meeting with the smaller guilds of Akihabara, while another mysterious guild master learns of the recent events. Elsewhere, Shiroe and co. attempt to cross an ancient bridge in the dungeon which suddenly starts crumbling and sends Shiroe plummeting into the lake below. After recalling his time with the adventuring group, Debauchery Tea Party, Shiroe regains consciousness to find himself having been saved by his comrades. Eventually Shiroe and co. find themselves face to face with the dungeon’s boss, a new Novasphere Pioneers creature. After emerging victorious, they arrive at the exit and are rewarded with a spectacular view of the sunset over the channel. Elsewhere, the guild master of Brigandia—Demiquas—issues a manhunt for Serara and Nyanta.