Ep 25 – “The Libra Festival” (The Scale Festival) / “Tenbin-Sai” (天秤祭)

Shiroe, Krusty and Michitaka arrive at the banquet and easily counter Lord Malves’ ruse with one of their own, forcing the latter to make a hasty retreat. Minori voices her concern over Shiroe’s actions but he reassures her that he accepts appearing as the villain as long as he can accomplish his tasks, something which Akatsuki berates herself for being blind to. Some time later, Shiroe goes to meet with Ōshima—the contact he sent to Minami. However the strange storyteller from the Palace of Eternal Ice calling herself Dariella confronts him instead. Seeing through her disguise though, Shiroe forces the leader of Minami’s lone guild—Nureha of Plant Hwyaden to reveal herself. Afterwards, each reveals the information they possess on the other’s accomplishments, with Nureha also voicing her intention to recruit Shiroe. She then states her knowledge of Shiroe’s research into finding a way back to the other world and bribes him with resources while prodding at his ambivalence towards Akihabara. However Shiroe rejects Nureha’s proposal. Later, the Scale Festival enters its last stages and Log Horizon sit down to dinner and reassures Shiroe of their intention to help him however they can. Faced with new challenges, Shiroe issues Log Horizon their next goal of changing the world of Elder Tales.

In the epilogue, Shiroe and Regan make plans to leave Akihabara.