Ep 24 – “Confusion” (Chaos.) / “Konran” (混乱)

Shiroe postulates that the Landers led by the newly arrived Lord Malves to be responsible for the attack on the city, with the intention of destroying the Round Table’s reputation and treaty with Estal. In preparation to counterattack, Shiroe has his comrades provide him with more information while Minori does her best to keep Karashin’s office flowing using the skills taught to her by Shiroe. Afterwards Shiroe begins plotting all the points of disturbances caused by the Landers but has difficulty in discerning a pattern out of their random order until it finally dawns on him that the People are improvising on the spot. While stressed for a solution Shiroe gets a spark of genius after meeting Sojiro who had innocently beaten the cake contest with the help of his guild. In the meantime Lord Malves crashes the Twilight Banquet and corners Lenessia over his supposed mishandled cargo documents. Elsewhere, in a brilliant countermeasure, Shiroe uses the Brigade of the West Wind’s infatuation with Sojiro as incentive for them to patrol the city and handle the disturbances. Shiroe and co. then learn of the banquet disturbance and decide to make the festival enjoyable as their true counterattack. Finally, Shiroe makes an appearance at Lenessia’s banquet.