Ep 21 – “Waltz for Two” (The Two of Us Shall Waltz) / “Futari de Warutsu o” (ふたりでワルツを)

A month following the battle at Zantleaf, Estal holds a grand ball for the adventurers in their victory against the goblin general, which Shiroe includes in his plan to eventually defeat the Goblin King. At the same time, Shiroe learns of an event called the Demon Festival of Suzaku Gate which occurred in the west of Yamato. While walking the Palace of Eternal Ice, Shiroe listens in surprise to a mysterious woman cryptically telling a group of children the story of how he saved Rundelhaus. Afterwards Shiroe visits Regan and learns that another adventurer in the district of Minami had also used world-class magic and that the Izumo Knights were involved in the Demon Festival. Back at the ball, while Krusty and Lenessia dance, the latter recalls a conversation with Sergiatte where he assigns her as the Estal ambassadress to Akihabara in order to repay the adventurers. Elsewhere, Shiroe thanks Akatsuki for her help in their previous trials with a dance. Sometime later, Lenessia moves to Akihabara to begin her ambassadorial duties and Shiroe spreads the information of the consequences of death as a rumor to suppress panic. As things return to normal in Akihabara, Maryelle proposes that they hold a festival to celebrate the autumn season which she calls the Scale Festival.